Properly made mouthguards are an invaluable asset to anyone participating in a sport or physical activity that could lead to a physical trauma of the teeth.

Mouthguards act by dispersing the direct force of a trauma to a particular tooth or group of teeth. By dispersing this force, there will be less damage done to the tooth. Without wearing a mouthguard, when someone takes an impact to a tooth (particularly the front teeth), it is possible for the tooth to break, become loose, be pushed out of position, or even be knocked out.

Ill-fitting mouthguards, such as the ones bought at chemists actually have a greater potential to cause more harm to teeth when dealing with a physical trauma. The reason for this is that if the mouthguard is not an exact fit with the teeth and gums, it is unable to disperse the forces properly. Hence any guard that needs to be soaked in hot water and then moulded to the teeth runs the risk of not being properly moulded.

At Complete Smile, we make mouthguards by taking an impression of your teeth and gums. This impression is then made into accurate models of your teeth. We can then use these models to accurately form a resin sheet into your mouthguard.

In these modern days, mouthguards are also a fashion statement and we try to accommodate any team colours or favourite colour combinations. However, we are limited by the combinations that we can order.

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